Afia Jamal

A business school graduate who enjoys analysing marketing trends.

Pakistan’s ‘ad-woman’ stuck in a time warp

Most ads in Pakistan show women as maids. Their major worries seem to be their family’s health, their complexion, hair and aging skin. All they do is cook, wash and their whole lives revolve around their family. But is this a true reflection of Pakistani women today? Gone are the days when men were capricious and women servile. Today, Pakistani women are empowered and active in every arena including government, military and sports. The concept of a joint family is fading in our society and women are (or aspire to be) as independent as men. But our ads continue to remain ...

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The untold story of the milk that we drink

When packaged milk was first introduced in Pakistan in 1981, the idea wasn’t welcome. In general, people thought packaged milk was not as healthy as loose fresh milk. An aggressive campaign was needed to change people’s minds. How many of you remember the documentary aired on national television showing how free from germs and bacteria Tetra Pak milk is? Today, I can say the campaigns succeeded. Lots of people have converted from traditional, loose, fresh milk provided by dairy farms. The packaged milk industry has evolved and there are many players in the industry. But while the industry matured, did any of these companies evolve ethically as well? What ...

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What Olfrute did wrong

Nestle has been having a hard time in Pakistan for the past few years. First, Aquafina by Pepsi snatched its market share of mineral water then Olpers by Engro foods sidelined Nestle’s Milkpak to become the market leader of that category. Now Engro Foods is set to give Nestle a tough time again. Olfrute is a juice brand recently launched by Engro foods. The question is can Olfrute take the market share of Nestle Fruitavitals or will it share the fate of Shezan and Freshers? Freshers failed largely because of poor distribution even though the taste and packaging were different and nice. Shezan has ...

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