Numair Shahzada

Based in Islamabad, Numair works in the technology sector as a marketing specialist. A part time dog trainer with a passion for cars, he tweets @NumairShahzada

Media, how you misrepresent Pakistan is not ‘epic’!

I was always told to take the media’s portrayal of local happenings with a very large pinch of salt. My grandfather was a wise man, and time and time again stressed, “Beta, all they want is to increase ratings. They don’t care about getting the facts straight.” I remember distinctively the disgust many of us felt when after the Bhoja plane crash, reporters swarmed like vultures at the scene and poked their cameras in grieving family members’ faces and asked, App ko kaisa feel ho ra hai? (How do you feel about what’s happened here?) Little did I know at the time that one ...

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