Sarah Haider

A University of Karachi student currently interning at The Express Tribune

A rant against ‘so-called beauticians’

If a genie appeared before a woman and offered to grant her three wishes, she would probably choose to become pretty, prettier, and prettiest. With ever-growing exposure to more beautiful women through media, fairness creams advertisements declaring beauty to be ‘power’ and portrayals that only beautiful, fair-complexioned and skinny women are chosen by eligible bachelors, women are becoming obsessed with beautifying themselves and changing their look overnight. Women face pressure from their peers, husbands or by their husbands ‘to-be’ to look like the woman of their dreams. Unfortunately as there are no real-life genies available, the only option left for most women is to go to ...

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What is she wearing?

I recently joined a firm where most women dress well. But there is one particular girl whose dress sense is admired by many others. As soon as she enters the room all heads turn towards her just to see what is she wearing. Every day she wears something trendy which makes her look different from everyone else.  She wears unique kurtas with jeans, long frocks, shirts and complimentary jewellery. I often hear comments like “Did you see her shoes? They must be imported!” but some will hiss “Imported? Give me a break…I saw that in Sunday Bazaar!” While still others would stare in wonder and ask “Where is ...

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