Zuhair Abbas Merchant

Zuhair Abbas Merchant

A chronic workaholic currently interning at a renowned multinational, a filmmaker, a writer, an avid reader, a movie critic and a caffeine addict, Zuhair tweets as @zuhayrmerchant

Your wife or your life: Are we inspired by Shakespeare?

Maybe the people of Pakistan are inspired by Shakespeare. They revel in deceit, treachery and murder. A land filled with misogynist men who lose their wives over games of chance and then sit in the itekaaf  to seek repentance for their sins. A plague grows over fossilised tablets, slowly gnawing at every bit of cultural history known to mankind. Perhaps, there is a Shylock whose fetish for blood and flesh navigates his own moral compass. Perhaps, there lives a Puck, who vends fluorescent potions on the street that claim to cure every remedy including “mardaana quwwat”. A Viola dances in her prayers, her veil twirling and ...

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