Uzma Rathore

The author is a practicing lawyer who specializes in civil/corporate law. She holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in "Criminal Justice" from the University of Central Oklahoma USA apart from a Master of Laws degree from Queen Mary University of London.

If Burma won’t take them why won’t you, Bangladesh?

The calamitous ordeal of the Rohingya community of Myanmar has received woefully inadequate media coverage over the years despite having been declared one of the most hectored, tyrannized and aggrieved tribal minorities in the world by the United Nations. This observable fact can be unswervingly attributed to the thought-out recalcitrance of the media oligopolists to underlining the copious atrocities being committed against Muslims in different parts of the world in general as part of a ploy to legitimize the ongoing war on terrorism. For decades these ill-fated people have been shunned, browbeaten and subjected to ghastly physical and emotional abuse ...

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