Arshiya Kausar

Having explored the subject of English Literature for the past 6 years, she mostly indulges in creative writing, searching for inspiration in books of gothic fiction, magical realism, spiritual themes, classic genres and enjoys being a cynical intellectual.

Aunty, don’t you know?

I peeked through the door and spied on my aunt, She sat in the veranda with a face that was gaunt. She swung the fan side to side, sulking in the heat, And shouted for me to come sit by her seat.   I crept closer slowly as she muttered at the sun, And asked her if she would like anything done. After shaking hands in the air and crying where I was, She told me to plug in the electric fan that was standing close.   I snickered and said “Aunty, don’t you know, don’t you know? There is no electricity since morning and none since noon”. She foamed and ...

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