Faraz Ahmed

A tech blogger, Web Designer and Electronics engineer who loves to share his ideas. He works as a Technology Manager at XclueSIV Singapore and Tweets @imfaraz

The truth about Agha Waqar’s water car kit

Our social media and our mainstream media are known for publishing news irresponsibly and without verification. I was compelled to write this blog which is aimed at highlighting another instance of unverified reporting by the media. Some days ago, my friends told me about a certain episode of Hamid Mir’s programme “Capital Talk” on Geo TV. This episode was about a man called Agha Waqar – a proud Pakistani who claimed to have invented something called a ‘water car kit’. Obviously, the first thing that I said upon seeing this was “Bravo!”, as ...

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Social media is lying to you about Burma’s Muslim ‘cleansing’

Social networking sites are abuzz with news about Muslims being killed in Burma.You can see the sporadic posting of pictures by different people with captions like ‘Muslims killing in Burma’, ‘Muslims slaughtered by Buddhists in Burma’ and so on. Thus, I took on the mission to sort the truth out for myself once and for all and researched some pictures that I felt were dubious. Below are a few pictures and their original copies. You can evidently see the gross difference between them and how they are thrown out of context. This was a picture shared on Facebook.   I have found the original version which reads differently to ...

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