Shoaib Qureshy

Chief strategy officer for Bulls-Eye Communications

TV ads: Is all the dancing really selling?

Products in Pakistan have not always been sold by armies of men and women dancing to uncoordinated perfection. However, recently advertising ‘charts’ have been hit by four choreographed entries: Tarang, Sooper, Warid and Chaika, which are running on all major TV channels night and day. Does dancing sell? Does this mean that singing and dance routines are what grip the Pakistani people and make them go buy brands? Or, does this simply mean that this is an idea that can be easily sold to clients by agencies? Agencies have developed a stereotypical solution for all marketing communication needs and forgotten the essence of ...

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Selling the idea of ‘family’

If we look around us, we see a lot more working women, some single parent families, many grandparents raising children, but advertising is still shying away from reality. So why still this fascination with the stereotypical portrayal of family in advertising when the reality is that life is fast changing? The big question is: does this fascination with old fashioned families in advertising really work?  Women in traditional domestic roles? Joint families? I raise this question in the context of the social break down of the traditional family values, structures and systems that are so visible all around us.  We see modernism ...

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Brands can save the country

In a country of unfulfilled promises where politicians are continuously unable to deliver, I strongly believe that brands do a better job in serving the needs of the people.  We all ‘elect’ brands to help improve our lives every day.  So in a way this means that the entities governing us are not really the people sitting in the constitutional offices in Islamabad, but what is on the retail shelf.  So why not really give them a chance to form a government of sorts and serve our people? My Big Idea That’s how the idea for ‘brand elections’ was born ...

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