Anam Abbas

A film maker, science fiction enthusiast, and a certified yoga instructor at Omni, Islamabad who Tweets @anamabbas

We are all party to the naked parade

This country has a strange relationship with sexuality. Our TV dramas are rife with innuendos, Meera is shaking her stuff for a Ramazan special, Veena Malik will now officially be facing all her haters with the relaunch of the grand joke, “Astaghfar” and a man and woman were paraded naked on the streets of Khairpur for their ‘illicit intentions’. The news report of these so-called intentions is vague at best. While the man was caught in the confines of his ‘own house’ with two ladies, only one of the women was forced to strip naked by the police, and the ...

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Is there really no ‘gent’ with you?

It could be the heat or a genetic mutation that has turned me into a rabid zombie, but I’m willing to bet it’s simply everybody else. I am seething. I, a 26-year-old female, went to the Islamabad Traffic Police office to get my driver’s license renewed one morning. You know that feeling when you walk into a room and you are the only one wearing gold lame tights (I totally started wearing those before they were hip. Awkward.)? Yes, that’s what it feels like; a young female trying to get something done in a sea of gaping men, shocked to find that ...

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