Shoaib Hussain

A fellow of the institute of actuaries who has been living in London since 2004. Shoaib was born in Quetta and went to school in Karachi.

Shahid Afridi: Our true all-rounder

The one word that I would use to describe Shahid Afridi is ‘exasperating’. His tendency to throw away his wicket at a rush-of-blood moment has many Pakistani cricket fans, including myself, clutching our heads in our hands. He has also displayed this spirit off the field, with frequent retirement announcements and press comments that have jeopardised his captaincy. And of course, who can forget the ball biting and the dancing on the pitch incidents? Despite all this, every so often Shahid Afridi pulls off a stunt that leaves us all in awe and simply inspired. His latest decision to contribute towards ...

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