Sultan Babar Mirza

Born and raised in Mian Channu, Babar did his BA/LL.B. from LUMS on an NOP scholarship. He then did his LL.M. from Michigan-Ann Arbor Law School on a Fulbright scholarship. He served as Justice Jawwad Khawaja's law clerk from May-July 2009 during for the 18th Amendment case. Currently Babar is an Associate at Amhurst Brown Barristers and Advocates, Islamabad.

CJ Chaudhry and Zardari are here to stay

The Supreme Court’s disqualification of Yousaf Raza Gilani as Prime Minister of Pakistan has brought us to an unprecedented state of affairs in Pakistan’s history. The court has, without a doubt, played its part in dislodging prime ministers before, but in the past it was acting, almost without exception, at the behalf of someone else – usually the army. However, this time the court is acting independently, without any coordination with the so-called establishments. This is evident from the very facts at hand; the court has effectively brought the constitutional machinery of this country to a standstil. But neither the Army ...

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