Arfa Ezazi

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Confessions of a non-hijabi

As a teen, a couple of years ago, influenced by society and culture, I decided to wear a scarf over my head whenever I went out. Then, as the wheels of maturity turned, I wriggled out of the cocoon of ignorant following and started to question myself. Why exactly did I cover my head? Was it because some of my friends had adopted the practice and many people I knew did the same? I stopped. That was it! Guilty as charged. As expected from any mother who took pride in the fact that her daughter had become a ‘modest little lady’, my ...

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Put a red dress on

And he asked, and asked For her to put red on; She smiled, and mischievously, In white got donned.   He wanted, and wilt, To propose to her that night; Take her, seduce her, Under the moonlight.   She knew, and enjoyed, The extra attention he showered; Smitten souls, budding love, No more strength to be a coward.   He hoped, he prayed, The answer would be ‘yes!’ Make vows, utter loyalty, And not a tad bit less.   She laughed, secretly ecstatic, Comprehending it all too well; Preparing mind, controlling heart, Shall she go all “Of course, what the hell”?   He smiled, he talked, As they got into the car; Joked well, hid jitters, Winked, saying they were going far.   She coaxed, she cajoled, Though not tell ...

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