Muhammad Arsalan Ashraff

The author is a researcher and trainer, doing MBA Marketing from Bahria University Islamabad. He tweets as @arsalanashraff

Dear haters, if anything, Umair Jaswal is taking Pakistan’s music industry forward

The music industry in Pakistan has had its golden age, when people used to listen to local music, invest in cassettes and CDs and were wholeheartedly devoted to the local musical talent. With the advent of technology and the internet, the music industry has suffered a hit. Now, people download pirated music off the internet. This has led to the deterioration of the industry and is highly discouraging for the Pakistani music artists. Now most artists rely on concerts, endorsements and pay checks from advertisements, instead of album sales, to keep their guitars strung. There have been attempts to revive the music industry which ...

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Dolly bigmouth: Thumbs down for vulgartainment

Last year,  Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), following the directions given by our government, blocked over 1,600 words on SMS that were unethical or against the wider interest of our nation. Later, PTA blocked Twitter over blasphemous tweets for one day. PTA took such admirable action when it came to national interest, or shall we say our beloved government’s interest. Having said as much, I believe that the quality of programs aired on TV channels nowadays is far more poisonous than these banned words. For the last couple of days whenever I switch my television on, I find myself looking at either ...

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