Suhaib Jalis Ahmed

A marketing professional based in Karachi with a fiery passion for food, coffee and a keen interest in history and Sufi poetry. He tweets as @suhaibjalis (

Connect with God during Hajj, not Facebook, Twitter and Skype

As part of my daily morning ritual, I turned on the TV this morning while having breakfast to catch up with the news on local and international fronts. Soon I found myself tiring not only of the nonsensical and overly dramatic local media, but also of the international coverage which was little more than the US government’s ‘shutdown’. So I began to flip channels and hopped on to Saudi TV network’s Quran channel. A wave of nostalgia swept over me as I sat, transfixed, surrounded by memories of my own Hajj journey exactly two years ago. After the pilgrimage, I ...

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Coke Studio: musical tradition rediscovered

Two Words: Coke Studio They move us, inspire us, take us back to our roots, and entertain us. Inculcate pride of our culture and heritage. Allows different musical traditions to come together and create magic. In my research on history, particularly pertaining to the influences and traditions of the Muslim Empires extending from the Prophet’s (PBUH) time until the Mughal Empire, I could not help but marvel at the close parallels between the “traditions” of Coke Studio and 8th Century Muslim Andalusia (Southern Spain), the Ottoman Empire of Turkey and later the Mughal Empire of the Subcontinent. Historical traditions quote that Spain was ...

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