Stories about Manchester United Football Club

English Premier League: Handshakes and hypocrisy

If the English Premier League can be defined by one contest, it is the one between the two most illustrious and successful clubs, Manchester United and Liverpool FC. That is one fixture (in fact two, if you count home and away fixtures) every season that never fails to entertain you for reasons varying from sheer brilliance to absolute controversial. After the racism controversy surrounding Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez where Suarez was found guilty not based on any “evidence” but on a “balance of probabilities” (which I believe has to be the flimsiest way of deciding on one’s guilt especially in a case as ...

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Six and the City leaves Manchester blue

‘Six and the City’ is the new comedy drama every footballing nation is talking about since last Sunday. I’m not referring to the hit TV series – this is far more serious. It is the new tag line for the football fixture held this  Sunday between the two bitter rivals Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) and Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) in England. ‘Six and the City’ refers to the 6-1 thrashing that Manchester United FC received at the hands of Manchester City FC. Manchester United has given Manchester City a torrid time over the years, and must I say ...

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