Stories about Jamat-e-Islami

Madiha’s only crime was that she was unable to bring a motorbike in her dowry

Madiha was a 22-year-old girl in Gujranwala who had just gotten married. You know how it is for newly-wed girls; the apprehension, the stress of adjusting to a new home, the worries about making everyone like you and leaving your family behind. For Madiha, these worries became small compared to the horror she ended up facing. Her husband, Amir, would beat her regularly. Madiha’s crime? She was unable to bring a motorbike for Amir in her dowry. Two months or so after the wedding, Amir and his family doused Madiha with petrol and set her on fire. She died within ...

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What happens when one brother belongs to JI and the other, PTI

My youngest brother, Fahad* arrived from the US, having pulled his originally planned trip forward, to attend PTI’s May 1 Karachi rally. Much to the amusement of some other members of my family, his political fervour this time was unrewarded as he arrived a bit too early for the rally which had already been cancelled. Under most circumstances, we would be excited about Fahad visiting us but this time, the news of his arrival was met with hushed anxiety. It brought back memories of his last visit when he and his wife went whizzing to the PTI  headquarters with their ...

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Dharna dude meets Jaali jihadi

The characters: Dharna Dude: Loves X-Box, facials and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Jaali Jihadi: Hates the Jews, likes the Taliban, loves Jamat-e-Islami (JI), and also Katrina Kaif (secretly) Dialogue ensues sometime in the future, at a “Shukrana Rally” called by PTI and JI to celebrate the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. Dharna Dude: Helloooo JJ ma man! Whats happening Bro? We did it didn’t we dude? PTI and JI are like BFF man. Americans are tu bhago-fying (the Americans are running). Jaali Jihadi: Asalam o Alaikum bhai jaan. Thanks to Allah we have succeed. We must do shukrana (gratitude) Nawafil, as it is holy day of Friday. Dharna Dude: So true ...

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