Sorry, Mr Jinnah, we had to ruin your beloved Pakistan

Published: April 20, 2016

You wanted Pakistan to be a state where we would be free; free to go to our mosques, temples and churches, but today it is a country where many are free to bomb places of worship. PHOTO: PAK ARMED FORCES

You wanted Pakistan to be a state where we would be free; free to go to our mosques, temples and churches, but today it is a country where many are free to bomb places of worship. You said there would be no difference between Hindus, Christians and Muslims, but today Pakistan’s Muslims are killing each other (as well as Hindus and Christians) because they cannot tolerate those whose beliefs are different from theirs.

Your Pakistan would have been a model democracy, but 10 years after your death, a military dictator took over the reins of the country, and we hailed him as a saviour. After the first free and fair elections in 1970, we watched helplessly as a demagogue refused to accept the winner of the polls as prime minister, which led to the dismemberment of your beloved country. Later, other dictators came and did their best to damage the country you created.

You created Pakistan because you feared that Muslims would have no rights in a Hindu-dominated India. But today, the country is ruled not by Hindus, but by a feudal class which considers itself above the law and flagrantly refuses to pay its due share of taxes (but decides how much tax honest taxpayers should pay).

When you were dying, Mr Jinnah, your doctors advised you to go to London for treatment, but you refused because your country was poor and because you loved its people. Today, Mr Jinnah, every member of parliament is allowed to go abroad for medical treatment for the slightest of ailments (like constipation and diarrhoea). You did not take a salary even though you were working day and night, but today our politicians have looted the country and bought palaces in foreign countries, and we can do nothing about it.

You’ll be shocked to hear, Mr Jinnah, that the kind of people who called you ‘Kafir-e-Azam’ (the great infidel) have appointed themselves guardians of Pakistan’s ideology (even though they bitterly opposed the creation of Pakistan). These men thought you should be portrayed in their image, so they have dubbed your speeches in Urdu, a language which you could not speak. They changed the name of your wife to Maryam, even though your marriage certificate and her tombstone say her name is Rattan Bai. Some of them even changed the place of your birth to an obscure town in Sindh, even though you yourself said on many occasions that you were born in Karachi. We won’t be surprised if in future they remove all your portraits and show you as a heavily bearded man in an attempt to prove that you were like them.

In today’s Pakistan, Mr Jinnah, only one per cent of the population pays income tax. There are regions which refuse to pay customs duty and taxes on smuggled cars, the country’s industries are on the verge of collapse due to rampant smuggling, and the government cannot impose its writ and recover taxes from such elements (because practically everyone in the government is highly corrupt). The streets of your beloved Karachi are not safe, and we consider it a miracle if we arrive home safely every evening without being mugged or robbed (even though, as you said, the first duty of every government is the maintenance of law and order).

You said that no nation can progress if its women don’t work, yet today the Pakistani working woman is not safe. The mullahs say her place is in the home and she has to bear as many children as she can. And if, God forbid, she is raped (something that happens every day), she can be charged with adultery if she goes to the police, as she can’t produce four male witnesses to the crime. In fact, one religious leader even advised rape victims to remain silent and say nothing (because in his version of the true religion, that is what has been ordained).

We do not know if it is true that you called Pakistan the greatest blunder of your life, as you lay dying in Karachi, but over the years we have done our best to make it come true.

Shakir Lakhani

Shakir Lakhani

Engineer, former visiting lecturer at NED Engineering College, industrialist, associated with petroleum/chemical industries for many years. Loves writing, and (in the opinion of most of those who know him), mentally unbalanced. He tweets @shakirlakhani (

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  • indiandude

    be a state where we would be free; free to go to our mosques, temples and churches,…
    Yes, that state is called India. Jinnah got what he wanted, stop whining.Recommend

  • zam nadiawala

    very well said ” a great plundering blunder passing on passe “Recommend

  • Sd

    Very trueRecommend

  • Fahimuddin

    Every sentence I have read above was like nail in my heartRecommend

  • Salman Ahmad

    To all the Indians: Pakistan has been made and please get over it and move on

    To Kushal: The 180 million who chose to be ruled by Hindus last I heard are being hunted down for eating Beef. Also I remember some of them were brutally killed by Hindus sometime back in Gujrat when your current PM happened to be the CM of Gujrat.Recommend

  • Zahid Jamil

    Writer seems to forget the first elected PM was in 1956 not 1970.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    The first general elections (based on adult franchise) after 1947 were held in 1970, which Mujeeb won. The prime ministers before 1970 were elected by assemblies which were not elected in the real sense (in the Basic Democracy system of Ayub Khan there were only 80,000 voters for the whole country (including East Pakistan). Before that, the prime minister was elected by a constituent assembly which was not popularly elected).Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    Jinnah never wanted Pakistan to have a constitution based on Sharia. He said Pakistan would not be a theocracy, and would never be ruled by priests.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    The British did their best to keep India united. It was Nehru’s duplicity which finally convinced Jinnah that there was no alternative to Pakistan. As for Jinnah never being jailed by the British, it was due to his insistence on following the law, unlike Gandhi who took out processions and rallies in which many innocent people were killed.Recommend

  • Nazir Jan,

    “I do not seek kingdom, I do not seek heaven, I do not seek moksha, I pray that the suffering humanity be relieved from pain” This is the daily prayer of which great man? None but Mahatma Gandhi. Don’t mention Jinnah’s name along with Mahatma Gandhi, it is sacrilege.Recommend

  • Iqbal

    Whisky drinking and ham eating Mr Jinnah was warned of the consequences of his dreams by Lord Mountbatten but he chose to ignore them. Subsequent events proved that he only did for his egos and not for the Muslims of India.
    What goes around, comes around.Recommend

  • Iqbal

    Mr Lakhani you have got it wrong. Please read independent report like this:

  • Feroz

    Nehru was not duplicitous, he implemented whatever he promised his people. He never sold dreams of utopia or fed on peoples insecurities and fears. Gandhi never supported violence, never stood by anybody who did either.Recommend

  • Azhar Hussain

    Even though every word said in this article is true, we will rise Inshallah. I am not surprised at the comments of the Indians after reading but let me educated the readers in general. Keep my first sentence in mind while you are reading. Even though we have been in state of war for the past 35 years, and ruled by military and corrupt leaders we have still faired well. Name one country when in so many problems but still manageed to do relativiely well in textiles and apparel, food processing, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, chemicals, cement, mining, machinery, steel, engineering, software and hardware, automobiles, motorcycle and auto parts, electronics, paper products, fertiliser, shrimp, defence products, and shipbuilding. GDP was 20,058 in 1960 to $270 billion (nominal, 2015); Exports have grown to Total $29.872 billion (2014-15 est.), Goods $24.131 billion, Services $5.741 billion; Textiles ($13,653 million) Vegetable Products ($3,094 million)
    Mineral ($1,698 million) Leather ($1,237 million) Food and Beverages ($956 million) Animal Farming ($756 million) Manufactured Items ($571 million)
    Metals ($531 million) Plastic ($505 million) Chemical ($489 million);In the first four years of the twenty-first century, Pakistan’s KSE 100 Index was the best-performing stock market index in the world as declared by the international magazine “Business Week”.[47][citation needed] The stock market capitalisation of listed companies in Pakistan was valued at $5,937 million in 2005 by the World Bank. KHI stock exchange (100-Index) $5 billion at 700 points $75 billion at 14,000 points $46 billion at 9,300 points $26.5 billion at 9,000 points; Literacy rate 45% (1999) 53% (2007) 59%(2008) 61% (2009) 58% (2015); Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry grossed over $4.8 billion in 2013. However, it is expected to exceed the $13 billion mark by 2018.[78] A marked increase in software export figures are an indication of this booming industry’s potential. The total number of IT companies increased to 1306 and the total estimated size of IT industry is $2.8 billion. In 2007, Pakistan was for the first time featured in the Global Services Location Index by A.T. Kearney and was rated as the 30th best location for offshoring.[79] By 2009, Pakistan had improved its rank by ten places to reach 20th.[80] According to Pakistan Startup report, there are about 1 million freelancers working from Pakistan mainly via elance, oDesk and freelancer – world’s famous online market places that count Pakistan among top 5 freelancing nations. Pakistan has sustained immense socio-economic costs of being a partner in the international counter terrorism campaign. According to government estimates, the war on terror cost the Pakistani economy nearly US$8 billion a year in terms of lost exports, foreign investment, privatisation, industrial output, tax collection (see table below for the government’s estimation of the cost of ‘War on Terror’ to Pakistan as published in an IMF report). Signing of Pakistan-China economic corridor is going to help communities along the route from the north to the Port of Gwadar. All this despite being in state of war is not bad. Sorry to bust the bubble for the Indians, who are posting all sorts of nonsense. Recommend

  • Laskero

    Indian muslims have it so good in India. Look at what happened to Bengalis and what is happening to Baloch, Muhajirs, Ahmedis and other minorities in Pakistan.Recommend

  • gp65

    Please read the post you are criticizing. Jinnah is not being criticized for the way that Pakistan turned out. @someone is saying that the seed of hatred Jinnah sowed on the basis of religion (without which Pakistan could not have been achieved) has become a full fledged tree and is giving bitter fruit. A Million people who had lived in harmony for centuries killed each other at partition. Why? Because of the propagation of TNT. Prior to that 5000 people were killed in response to his call for Direct Action.

  • gp65

    Untrue. Congress believed in one person one vote. Jinnah and Muslim league opposed it and wanted extra votes for Muslims as they were inheritors of Mughals. Rejecting such a deal was what any democrat would have done. With all his flaws, Nehru was right to reject that.Recommend

  • gp65

    It must be a rare Indian that is wanting to reverse partition. Please remember India army was in Bangladesh in 1971. Did they occupy it the way US occupied Iraq or Afghanistan for so many years? No.
    Indians are simply quoting history and questioning whether Jinnah was really the democratic and secular person Mr. Lakhani is claiming he is.
    Indians who use the word ‘unfortunate’ with partition are referring to the death and destruction and migration that made so many homeless.Recommend

  • Nana

    Muslims did not exist since time immemorial. Get your facts straight. Your exaggeration shows how much truth is there in your comment.Recommend

  • Nana

    Progress? Just the other day hordes of Hindu Indians were complaining about the lack of progress among Indian Muslims in these columns. They are always quick to point out this fact. Either you are telling lie or your fellow Indians are telling lies. Anyway it tells us that Indians lie a lot.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    I wonder if Jinah the lawyer who was handsomely paid for his job to be Governor General really cared for the people of present day Pakistan and Bangladesh. Earlier he was paid gold worth his weight by the Khan of Kalat, whom he betrayed. Lawyers do not have special love for his clients. He cared more for his Malbar Hill Mumbai bungalow than Pakistan, that is why when tens of millions of people were becoming homeless in 1947, he was worried about renting his bungalow to Europeans only so that it will be well taken care of.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Real freedom is not given as gift by the enslavers, it needs to be fought for, initially by peaceful means and if that does not work then like Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose way. Jinah never fought against British. Like Nawaz, several other present and past Paki so called leaders and jernails he took refuge from 1930 to 36 and was brought to India by British to divide and mis-rule. Nehru co-opted British so reign of India were given to him by British. India’s complete freedom is still few years away.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Jinah was a lawyer/liar, he said many different things to many different people based on what is good for his and his client’s selfish interests. His clients were Nawabs and rich.Recommend

  • abhi

    I think he failed to completely remove the tumor despite good attempt.Recommend

  • LS

    Asking for 1/3 reservation privilege in the legislative assembly on the basis of religion would be violating the basic tenet of democracy.

    4th Point: Rule of Law applies to all citizens equally, there by a segment of population cannot be favored against other just because they are Muslims. This is NOT duplicity, there are basic tenets of democracy. INC also rejected similar request from BR Ambedkar who wanted reservation in legislative assembly for Dalits. What Jinnah wanted was duplicity. He quit INC once he realized that Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Nehru have taken the lime-lite away from him and he returned to England only to be persuaded back by leaders of Muslim League (basically acquired a new client, to fight their case of getting a new country) when they had lost their previous elections miserably.

    Mr. Nehru and Mr. Gandhi have made lot of horrendous decisions but Democracy was NOT one of them… The gripe the muslims seemed to have was “They will not have power to rule India again” as they thought they were the rightful owners of India after British left. Recommend

  • LS

    and giving us migraine in return…Recommend

  • Kamath

    Kushal : Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.
    It is incorrect to say that in India was a daily life between Hindus and Muslims as Jinnah Sahib loudly professed. Indian civillization was made of diverse people of ethnic , religious practices and not just Hindus. Buddhists, Jains, atheists, Zorostrian minorities etc were part and parcel of this mixture. The largest minority were Mulims who in most cases were descendants of converts from Hinduism.
    So I think it is correct to claim Muslims & Non-Muslims.!Recommend

  • Anoop

    You guys and your bubbles.

    Jinnah corrected himself next year when he saw people taking his Aug 11 speech too seriously.Jinnah from a speech on January 25, 1948, at Karachi Bar Association said: “I could not understand a section of people who deliberately wanted to create mischief and made a propaganda that the constitution of Pakistan would not be made on the basis of Shariat.”

    Aug 11 was playing to the gallery or Jinnah said a few things which were completely misinterpreted and goes against his actions the past few months. His asking his daughter not to marry a non-Muslim also perfectly fits into this trend.

    You guys have molded his image as per your convenience.

    Jinnah further said:“No doubt there are many people who do not quite appreciate when we talk of Islam. Islam is not only a set of rituals, traditions and spiritual doctrines, Islam is also a code for every Muslim which regulates his life and his conduct even in politics and economics and the like.”
    Jinnah was clear Pakistan’s Constitution, hence the idea of Pakistan was based on Islam and its law in accordance with Sharia. Today’s Pakistan IS Jinnah’s Pakistan.Recommend

  • Anoop

    So true. Jinnah did India a great favor. We are a secular republic, with an enormous land mass and resources and no threat of Sharia being imposed like in Malaysia. India was given back to the indigenous cultures of India by Jinnah. Muslims were divided into 3 equal parts.Recommend

  • Anoop

    When you say things like you want Constitution to be based on Sharia and kick off riots like Direct Action day where mostly Hindus are butchered, what else do you expect?
    Do you know Jinnah imposed Urdu on majority Bengalis, thereby becoming the architect of Bangladesh.
    @someone is right.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Nehru’s duplicity?

    If I tell you Pakistan will be divided into 4 parts, with each part having the power to succeed in 10 years would you jump with joy? Please be honest..

    Had CMP been implemented, which both Jinnah and British wanted, India would be divided into 3 parts with Himachal, Punjab, Bengal, Haryana going to Pakistan. Nehru saved our bottoms. Today is a giant land mass minus Muslims demanding Sharia.

    Nehru was the leader India needed. Nehru, unlike Jinnah, didn’t ally himself with scheming Feudals, which is why they ran to Jinnah, especially Muslim Zamindars who were compensated in newly created Pakistan by Jinnah and his League. Jinnah hasn’t said a word towards implementing Land Reforms(I dare you to quote Jinnah, as his buddies in the Unionist party would get hopping mad), but plenty on how Islam is so awesome. Nehru spoke about Land Reforms for the first time in 1929.

    You see where the priorities of 2 leaders were..Recommend

  • Anoop

    You and your bigoted text books.
    Hindus dropped to 1% of your population, 3 million Bengalis were butchered in Bangladesh, where mostly Hindus were targeted by the Pakistani Army and you have the gall to point out a few riots in India.
    Which is bigger? 3 million? or 1000 plus who perished in Gujarat riots? Tell me, oh, genius.Recommend

  • average pashtun

    funny as it sound when anyone says Pakistan should go back to its Indian roots considering the number of pashtuns balochs, hazara, northern areas have nothing to do whatsoever with the term going back to Indian roots. Jinnah was an epiotome of seculirsm and the nation was found on secular and liberal lines its was our misfortune in the start when he died and then our reluctance to do anything as a nation against tyrants and bigots who ruled the country afterwards.Recommend

  • average pashtun

    hahahahahah mate jinnah was long dead even before bhutto was even done with his law degree. Jinnah sent armies to kashmir after Indian armies occupied what is current now knows as jammu, but if we are talking on the lines of all this can u tell me who killed Gandhi and why is his assassin statue erected in on of your biggest political party headquarter. the list goes on and on mate but ur ignorance baffles me.Recommend

  • exposingindia

    for all the Indians here, if you are so against ‘separation’ why did you want to seperate from the British Empire? and what is India, india was itself created by the British. THe british didt stop you from getting an education, go to your places of worship then why? nationalism, fake nationalism? where people in Kashmir, Manipur, Sikkim, Khalistan, Hyderabad, Goa were killed by the Army? Plz give us a break Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    I have not come across Jinnah’s speech at KBA that you have quoted. Even if true, please remember that Jinnah’s interpretation of Islam (and Sharia) was different from that of most religious scholars. He appointed a Hindu as law minister in his first cabinet, he asked a Hindu to compose the country’s national anthem, he and his sister attended prayer services at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (after the creation of Pakistan). In his opinion, all men are equal, and Muslims are not superior to those following other faiths.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    In his will, Jinnah named Bombay University as one of the beneficiaries (along with Islamia College, Peshawer). This is not what an ordinary man would do. As for being handsomely paid to be Governor General and being paid gold worth his weight by the Khan of Kalat, it’s all a figment of your imagination.Recommend

  • Kamath

    That is terrible things to say. Recommend

  • Kamrul Miah

    ≫ Please read the post you are criticizing. Jinnah is not being criticized for the way that Pakistan turned out. ≪

    I hope YOU re-read what the OP wrote, because he’s/she’s doing exactly that:
    ≫ the current Pakistan is indeed the result of Jinnah’s action ≪

    I don’t know in what clearer terms you wish to take it. According to the OP, Jinnah’s action[s] are directly to blame for the current state of Pakistan. In fact I’m baffled what else you think the OP was referring to when he/she made his/her statement.Recommend

  • Kamrul Miah

    ≫ progress of 180 million muslims who chose to be ruled by Hindus ≪

    Interesting way of putting it, I must say.Recommend

  • Rohan

    It is damage beyond repairRecommend

  • LS

    What does fairly mean in democracy? All had same rights.. Muslims were not a special breed then, they are not a special breed today.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    There were no jute mills in BD before 1947 (just as in West Pakistan, which practically had no industries). The first jute mill in East Bengal was set up by Memons (Adamjee jute mills) after partition. The one mistake Jinnah made was declaring that Urdu would be the national language (and he said it in Dhaka), without considering the fact that Bengalis were in a majority in the country. He also said at the time that disruptive forces were trying to destroy Pakistan by saying that the new country could never exist with the two wings being so far from each other. I have often felt that Pakistan would have remained united if the original Lahore Resolution had been implemented, according to which it would have been a confederation of states. In fact, Mujeeb’s six points would have resulted in a confederation of two states, but our leaders were not mature enough to accept this radical proposition.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Just because you say it isn’t doesn’t mean it isn’t.Check the failed states ranking, Pakistan always in top 10Recommend

  • Ramchand

    Here is the Hindu under a Muslim name. Bad grammar
    bad spelling, bad syntax and wrong info.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Say, you are frothing at the mouth! In your hatred for
    Muslims and Pakistan. Which is, what you are showcasing
    to the world. Your subconscious pathetic release for 1200 years of Muslim Rule. Keep it up. This need to be read and seen.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Nice one for a rant, what’s the point though?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Nehru publically spoke about Land Reforms for the first time in 1929 in front of the entire Congress. He wrote books from jail details his ideas for India.
    Jinnah hasn’t uttered a single word towards Land Reforms, the biggest social issue faced by entire India, still faced by Pakistan today.
    Stop hiding behind Jinnah’s short existence after Independence. 1 year is plenty of time to say “Land Reforms shall be implemented in Pakistan”. He had time to say so many other things.Recommend

  • Anoop

    How did we sow seeds for that, Recommend

  • Anoop

    Can you please name Nehru’s Grandfather?Recommend

  • Anoop

    This quote is from a pro-Hindutva blog, genius. They hate the Congress, especially Nehru. This hate blog has just one entry and provides no sources. Some random blog you picked from the ocean called the Internet and presented it as irrefutable fact.. Whoa!
    You guys will stoop to any level, won’t you. You didn’t think I won’t Google what you quote, did you.. You picked the wrong my, my friend. I Google everything and verify it before I present it and verify all supposed “facts” you guys claim to present.
    Sorry.. Perhaps next time.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Why on Earth would a party of Feudals continue to ally with a party dedicated to the agenda of Land Reforms, which has a guy like Nehru as its President, who has written and spoken of implementing it?
    Jinnah has done none of this.
    You were the one to claim, not me, that Congress connived with Unionists. If yes, did Congress change its agenda of Land Reforms? Did Nehru change?
    US is a Pakistani ally. But, you guys clearly support Radical Islam in your neighbourhood but US doesn’t. This is Politics. I don’t get why you think Congress working with Unionists in the Political arena is such a bad thing.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Not trying to deflect anything. Just seeking answers from you which you didnot have. Shows who has lost tracks.Recommend