Trump’s hate-mongering will not have the last laugh

Published: March 15, 2016

Hate, war and fear-mongering are the words that aptly describe the 2016 Republican presidential campaign with Donald Trump being the star of the show. Yes, Trump, the same individual who has pushed the electoral process to disastrous limits and pulled the very concept of democracy to deepest of bizarrely disruptive depths never witnessed in modern US history.

Growing up we were told not to run our mouths. It appears Trump’s elders never taught him basic etiquettes of life. Loose lips sink ships and through his verbal dysentery, Trump has created a volcanically toxic environment unleashing spirits that make people wonder if this is what American democracy has come to.

Trump is a hideous racist. At a time when the Republican campaign can use statesman like behaviour, Trump has toyed around with people’s emotions and started a dangerous conversation thereby sowing seeds of everlasting discord. Trump’s inflammatory ways have divided and alienated the entire political landscape and tarnished the country’s image. He’s gone after everyone – Afro-AmericansMuslimsHispanics – and uprooted the delicate balance that took decades for the American society to establish.

Luckily there’s still some civility left. Trump has been rebutted by other contenders with respect to his views about Muslims. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have called for a deeper analysis of the radical Islam situation and opening up of communication and collaboration lines with the Muslim world.

Trump is a master at putting blame on others for his dastardly remarks and acts. The recent incident in Chicago is a classic case in hand whereby instead of apologising, he conveniently pointed fingers at Bernie Sanders for the chaos.

Being a pathological liar, Trump thrives amongst ‘low information’, ‘poorly educated’ class of people and is a political arsonist. He says he wants to make America great. Little does he realise that he can’t make America great by getting rid of everything that made America great – it’s values, diversity, openness – strengths that have helped this nation grow and prosper.

Trump is the face of extremist America and a threat to national integration. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK), white supremacists and whoever wants to make a mockery of the US belief system simply love him.

Even if Trump is able to bluff his way to Republican nomination, come general election day, Democrats will easily recapture the White House. Trump may be able to thrive amongst a small percentage of narrow-minded voters but the good news is that his ideals are not shared by mainstream America.

The US is robust enough to overcome upheavals, put aside differences and march on with the bravado and the swagger so typical of its values and traditions. Trump’s political adventure is destined to meet a deplorable end.

This schizophrenic environment is a temporary hurdle and, like always, American people will breakdown all the barriers that stand in the way of empowerment. All we need are a few more heroes like the Chicago protesters and Thomas Dimassimo for, I’m certain that, this perfectly imperfect union will overcome this ugly and divisive rhetoric.

Ahson Saeed Hasan

Ahson Saeed Hasan

The writer is a proud American, a peacenik who has traveled well over 80 countries and lived in four continents. He likes to share his experiences and reflect on the worldly surroundings. He tweets @tweetingacho (

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  • Parvez

    All things said and done, if it goes as it has been going, it looks like Trump will win the Republican Nomination.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Pakistan should worry about the hate against Hindus and ahmadis throughout its textbooks and constitution.Obsession with Modi, trump and Afghanistan won’t change the hate within PakistanRecommend

  • Parvez

    He is an American….so he is looking at his country.Recommend

  • Sanders save me

    I want him to win just to see what happens Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Is this wishful thinking?Recommend

  • Acorn Guts

    Don’t worry my friend, we are good at multi-tasking. We’ll solve issues within our country and also raise a voice against hate spread by Modi, Trump et all.

    Don’t you worry about us at all ..Recommend

  • Rangoonwala

    Kudos to you gp65 ! You must be mellowing with time.
    Agree with you, to an extent. After all, there are cyber
    warriors, from Hindustan, who are paid to malign Pakistan,
    [and Muslims] just about everywhere. You may not agree
    with this, that is your prerogative. Your opinion is valued.
    As for Trump, he is an American nightmare, in living color.
    And he has brought to the surface, the deep rooted bigotry
    racism and discrimination that still exists in misogynist US.
    Truly, they say, it is sad to see your countrymen embracing
    a bottom feeding, two bit racist thug like Trump. You can see
    it all over this ET newspaper. Perhaps they don’t realize,
    in their zeal to score points, that they are brown skinned
    Third World masses,…to Trump. About 1.5 billion of them.
    If Indians are buying, he is selling. Including his mother.Recommend